I will be comparing this to make it much easier for people

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    In my view, blizz has taken a turn for the worse....they have completely ignored fans' requests using their overt recoursive actions in many matches, enforced what they believed were"quality of life" purposes, but in reality, ruined many of their favorite games, like WoW, Diablo3, all for creating the processes of technology skills, equipment, and other functions simpler for them....Like eliminating PvP equipment from WoW, and Buy Diablo Immortal Gold tripping dumb skill setups that make everybody's characters/classes the exact same....they have fallen in their grace, at their own demise....Blizz is NO LONGER my favourite gaming manufacturing firm for these, and many more reasons....thnx for its information Rhykker....always good advice on yur channel!!?

    I'm tired of seeing the very same excuses being brought up for Anthem in every movie lol. The sport is empty. There is NOTHING from the game. Everybody compares this game to Destiny or Warframe. I will be comparing this to make it much easier for people. Want to learn how much content this game has? Less than some of both Destiny games at launch, MUCH LESS even. Wish to know what ALL is all about? Junctions from Warframes, that is what. Want me to tell you what the biggest letdown is in this game? THERE ARE ONLY 3 SUITS FOR CHARACTER.

    So for the majority of players, they will ever get to unlock a single lawsuit. Allow me to make an example. Imagine playing with Warframe, you choose your Warframe, also you can only ever unlock a single Warframe in the whole game. How is that to get a comparason. There are too few distinct weapon types in this sport and they drop. Because you don't look anything this isn't a looter shooter. IF YOU PLAY THE GAME, since 70% of your time is spent in loading screens. This game is garbage that is hot and I do not believe that they've spent 5 years that are whole making this match. This seems like a to 2 years match, and I'm being generous.

    I pre-ordered Anthem (Origin Premiere) and got in through the 1 week early access period and played until about level 18. After which I gave the game a not so great review and rightfully so, the very long load screens, the bugs, the shotty narrative missions, everything everybody is saying rings true due to that first week. But now that the first big Day 1 spot has gone out and now that I've finished the main storyline and am at max level I am really enjoying it a lot more and would update my review giving the game much more credit.I prefer to compare it to Warcraft in that if you are in the leveling up procedure it doesn't really feel all that specific, however, as soon as you get end-game and are working on the harder difficulties and grinding better and better equipment the game just feels so far better and much more engaging. Don't get me wrong I think Bioware and EA screwed up enormous with respect to the ancient game but once you struggle through that it becomes so far better, especially"The Monitor" fight. Now that was a poor butt, fight that is pretty cool.

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