Generally the HD radio has two parts in the installation

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    Before we start off writing the directions on how to hook up an HD radio to your car Wholesale New Basketball Jerseys , we must know the meaning of the HD radio. It is a service that delivers digital audio by the radio stations especially FM radio. Generally the HD radio has two parts in the installation. One is its head unit. This head unit is generally fixed in the car by the factory and has all the necessary controls to control the audio. The second part is the radio. This is connected to head unit for controls. This HD radio is not available with all factory cars and is optional. The interested people have to buy it separately. There are other types of radios like satellite radio. This radio need to be fees for use. Unlike this, the HD radio is does not require fee.

    This article is moderately easy and is achievable by all people who can follow the instructions. To accomplish this task, the radio and installation kit will be needed. Apart from this, electric tape is also helpful.

    After the things are ready Wholesale Authentic Basketball Jerseys , the first step to do is to disconnect the battery. This can be done by removing the negative end of the batter with the help of wrench or any other suitable tool. Then, an antenna jack that is present on HD radio is connected with the antenna of the car. This need not be done with the antenna input of the head unit but with the radio directly.

    Next, take the black coloured wire from the lead set consisting of black as well as yellow wires. This black wire is then connected to the chassis of the car. A clean surface is chosen with no paint on it. There are some pieces that already come with wiring set. This can also be used. Then, yellow lead is connected to the twelve volt supply which is constant. This yellow lead had a fuse inline.

    Then Wholesale Basketball Jerseys Free Shipping , the cable which is also known as IP-BUS cable is connected with blue connector, to multi CD player if present. This cable is then connected to head unit. It is connected to blue connector which is found on this head unit. This connector on the radio is actually black in colour. A cable that is either blue or white comes out from head unit. This cable is connected to the auto-antenna control terminal of the car. The manual of the car can be checked for this antenna. This is mainly for the control signal. Then, all the above wiring connections are secured by taping it with the electric insulation tape.

    The radio is then mounted at a location that is convenient. They are provided with fasteners of the hook loop type. With the help of these fasteners, fix this unit with the carpet below the seat. Since the unit is operated and controlled from its head unit Wholesale Basketball Jerseys From China , the access to the radio is not very important. After the above connections are done the car battery is reconnected and the fixed radio is tested.

    Hence this article teaches how to hook up an HD radio to your car.
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